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A PowerBlow Carpet Dryer is ideal for the fire and flood sector thanks to its tough polyethene exterior. It makes light work of drying carpets and building fabric after a flood, for example. It boasts a powerful laminar airflow and runs off a standard 13amp power supply.

If you need, we can fit these units with adjustable feet and carpet clamps. It’s a machine that you can use in wet fogging uses too – in areas where such uses are thought to be both safe and desirable.

You can now turn the PowerBlow into a cavity dryer in minutes. A universal fitting means you can also use Hydra with more than 95% of carpet dryers on the Irish market.

With Hydra, operators can dry or speed up the drying process in those hard-to-reach areas; above false ceilings, behind skirting boards, under floors and more. You can now tackle all these areas by directing one of its 17 hoses into the small gaps that are proving tricky.

It comes with 15m of flexible hose that can be cut to the appropriate length for the highest levels of efficiency. With 17 high-density rubber air injectors, meanwhile, fitting and using the Hydra couldn’t be easier.

Now that the insurance sector sees the time taken to dry out properties as an ever-more important factor, dry out those dangerous electrical areas quicker. This reduces the need for expensive additional equipment, such as generators, while a power supply is restored.

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Air Volume (m³/h) 6000
Dimensions (W x L x H) 470 x 440 x 520mm
Weight (kg) 14
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