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The TAC V+ offers visual protection and cleaning against the invisible viruses in the air. This mobile high-performance air purifier was specially designed for use in high traffic public environments. It works to reduce the dwell time and intensity of aerosol and suspended matter to significantly reduce the risk of infection in the air.

The innovative TAC V+ air cleaner can perform large-volume air intakes, purify and filter and produce a ‘clean zone’ of up to 320 cubic metres of air.

An integrated F7 prefilter system combined with the Trotec HEPA H-14 filter guarantees the separation (99.995% for particle sizes up to 0.1 to 0.2 µm) of airborne germs, viruses and dust, bacteria, spores and micro fibres from paper or textiles.

Unique in the world, the special HEPA H-14 filter is equipped with a thermal self-regulation function, automatically inactivating all viruses in regular intervals. This decontaminates the filter 100%! This significantly reduces the airborne risk of infection in highly frequented public zones and guarantees dust-free working conditions in contaminated work zones.

100% environmentally friendly. Mobile plug-and-go unit. Fully automatic, low-maintenance around-the-clock operation.

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Air Output freely blowing (m³/h) 2,500
Clean Air Output HEPA 13 / H14 (m³/h) 1,900 / 1,600
Realizable Transfer Zone Area (m2/h) 30 (at 15 LW/h), 23 (at 23 LW/h)
Air Filter Pre-filter 7
HEPA Air Filter Trotec HEPA-H14 Heat Resistant
Filter Efficiency H14 (99.995%)
Connection Voltage 230V / 50/60Hz / 16 A
Power Consumption (kW/h) 6
Sound Level (dB(A)) Max 54
Dimensions (W x L x H) mm 620 x 580 x 1,300
Weight (kg) 79
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