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TFV 30 Turbo Fan

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    Cooling fan

    The TFV 30 Turbo Fan is the ideal professional high-performance solution for construction and restoration work. They were designed for very high rates of air flow.

    Standard hollow space vents are similar in most respects. However, the professional turbochargers of the TFV series break out of this mould and stand out with incomparable features.

    The especially formed air exhaust duct of the TFV 30 generates a wide air current near the ground above wet flooring or screeds. The room air is thus optimally distributed which perceptibly reduces drying time.

    Equipped with double-flow centrifugal fans with an extra-large special shaft as well as specially shaped air outlet channels, the drying rate is noticeably increased. The room air is optimally distributed over a wide air flow generated near the ground and helps with damp screed or wet floor coverings.

    Practical benefits:

    • Robust and light polyethylene construction
    • Double-flow radial centrifugal fans with extra large shaft
    • All-round, anti-skid base runners
    • Multi-stage blower with three fan stages
    • Cuboid, stackable, design offers operation and storage options at several angles
    • Tight metal enclosure of the motor to protect it from invasive dust
    • High energy efficiency, therefore equally powerful and energy-saving
    • Motor with quality ball bearing – no one-sided load on the shaft
    • MID-compliant dual counter for operating hours and energy consumption


    Air flow rate 3 2200 m³/h
    Airflow Floor Drying Fan
    Fan stages 3
    Max. air pressure 425 Pa
    Max. conveying temperature 60 °C
    Connection voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
    Power consumption 0.85 kW
    Connector type CEE 7/7
    Cable length 4 m
    Required fuse 10 A
    Mobility portable / stackable
    Protection class IP22
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 426 x 442 x 429 mm
    Weight 18.5 kg
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