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Image: TFV 300 Radial Air Mover fan from Trotec

The TFV 300 is a powerful centrifugal radial fan that can move up to 7,000 m³/hour of air. With both an intake and out-take suitable for ducting, it can pull away a large volume of contaminated air, such as dust particles, vapours, paint fumes, smoke, steam and carbon monoxide from a space where regular ventilation is limited.

The TFV 300 radial fan can be ducted up to 40 meters, because it uses a powerful radial fan that pushes air outward in a spiral, making it great for handling dusty air and maintaining high pressure. Its unique design helps move air efficiently and withstand dirt, providing reliable performance. The fan sucks air in axially and blows it out radially.

The unit’s powder-coated graded steel housing is rugged, splash proof and easy to clean.

Our hire option comes housed in a glavanised steel, wheelable and stackable chassis frame, so it can be easily moved by fork lift or crane. Parking brakes are fitted to the rubberised castors.

Suitable for many varied ventilation applications in industrial and building sectors, such as tank cleaning, welding work, pipe system ventilation, and floor coating in underground car parks.

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Free discharge air volume 7,000 m³/hr
Air discharge speed 27 m/s (97.2 km/h)
Fan stages 1
Air volume at air pressure max. 5,000 m³/hr
Air pressure max. 1,900 Pa
Max. transport medium temperature 80 °C
Surrounding conditions -20 °C to 40 °C
Input voltage 400 V / 50 Hz (65 A)
Requisite protection CEE 16 A
Power input 4 kW
Nominal current consumption 8.6 A
Intake duct: accessories (ø 300 mm)
Outlet duct: standard (ø 450 mm)
Sound level (distance 1 m) 77 dB(A)
Dimensions (without frame) 1,000 x 700 x 830 mm
Dimensions (with frame) 1,085 x 810 x 1,2140 mm
Weight (with frame) 230 Kg
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