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Product: TransCube Global 05TCG Transportable Fuel Storage Tank

Thanks to its compact and user-friendly design, a TransCube Global 05TCG transportable fuel storage tank provides a high quality solution for stand-by power applications. This 500-litre tank is ideal for refuelling smaller equipment too – equipment such as small generators, industrial heaters and more.

It can fuel up to three pieces of diesel-powered equipment.

The features of this transportable fuel storage tank include an access hatch for maintenance and inspection of the inner tank. Meanwhile, the units can be stacked too: two high when full or three high if empty, lowering your storage space requirements.

The 05TCG is fully bunded with 100% containment, removing the need to have external spill pans. These tanks are simple to move too, especially at challenging sites. A tank can be safely lifted by crane or forklifted with precision. In addition, full load lifting eyes and forklift pockets allow you to move a full tank.

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Capacity 500 ltrs
Dimensions (W x L x H) 1152 x 1153 x 836mm
Weight 399kg
Bund Material (Thickness) S275 (3mm)
Inner Tank Material (Thickness) S275 (3mm)
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