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Trotect AirgoClean® One air purifier

The AirgoClean® One cleans your environment of 99.995% of airborne pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, fine dust particles, mites, mould spores, pollen or allergens, down to a size of 0.1 µ, as well as odours. This powerful and quiet air purifier is elegant with an effective aerodynamic shape – it takes the air in close to the floor, runs it through the filter ladder to circulate an omnidirectional clean air flow back into the room.

Easy to use, the “touch & play” touch display can conveniently set all parameters with plenty of configuration options available. In addition, to the automatic mode, the air purification capacity can be controlled manually in 6 levels. These enable 6-fold air circulation rates/h in rooms sized up to 40 m².  Highly sensitive sensors, in the AirgoClean® One, determine the particle load in the room air and the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The values are shown on the touch display in real time and at the same time regulate the air and filter performance of the device fully automatically to remove suspended particles from the room air in next to no time.

The impressive clean air performance of the AirgoClean® One is achieved exclusively through well-established mechanical filter technology – without generating dangerous ions, ozone or UV radiation. This type of air filtration is the safest, healthiest and most effective technique for air cleaning.

The mechanical filters of the AirgoClean® One include the following to achieve the highest level of clean filtered air:

  • a combination pre-filter mat which is embedded in an F7 pre-filter (ISO ePM10 85 %) which effectively retains coarse and fine dust in combination with a large dust storage capacity.
  • an optional activated carbon filter is available as filter stage 3, which effectively neutralises tobacco odours, pet odours, kitchen odours, smoke odours as well as formaldehyde and solvent odours from the ambient air.
  • a powerful silencer for efficient noise reduction of the air cleaner ensuring a pleasantly quiet operation. The silencer has been elaborately optimised, so that it is volume flow-neutral and generates practically no flow resistance. If required, the activated carbon filter can be installed in filter compartment 3 instead of the silencer.
  • a fourth filter stage includes a HEPA filter of class H14. This filter of German high-quality manufacturing is characterised by a particle separation efficiency ≥ 99.995 for particle sizes of 0.1 – 0.3 µm with a transmittance ≤ 0.005 %. A class H13 HEPA filter is also optionally available.

Allergy sufferers can benefit hugely from the turbo mode which is especially for accelerated ventilation of the room. Once turbo mode is set, airborne pollutants and suspended particles are removed from the room air with maximum air cleaning performance at the highest fan speed so that the room air is cleaned to an optimum level.

Additional features include: night mode with reduced blower level and low background noise; timer function with weekly schedule; air quality indication with 14-day history – broken down by VOC, particle load and air quality; room climate quality indicator; intelligent filter lifetime monitor; and, PIN protected tamper-proof screen lock.

This highly efficient HEPA H14 air purifier with pre-filter and odour filter is the perfect solution for any residential or business with a private environment.

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Room Capacity Room sized up to 78m²
Air Volume Level 1 (m³/h) 45
Air Volume Level 2 (m³/h) 150
Air Volume Level 3 (m³/h) 285
Air Volume Level 4 (m³/h) 420
Air Volume Level 5 (m³/h) 550
Air Volume Level 6 (m³/h) 650
Input Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Power Consumption 0.017kW
Sound Level (dB(A)) Max 57 at Level 6
Fan Radial / 6 Stages
Dimensions (W x L x H) mm 435 x 400 x 835
Weight (kg) 16.9
Equipment Silencer
Pre-Filter Dacron Synthetic Fibre
Main Filter HEPA H14 filter
Filter Efficiency H14 (99.995%)
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