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Product: Trotec TTK 100 S Dehumidifier

The Trotec TTK 100 S is a state-of-the-art dehumidifier that brings together reliability and cutting-edge technology in a sleek, compact unit. The list of its features is as impressive as it is extensive, with a powerful 0.53kW compressor and the automatic defrosting mode among the most notable. This is a dehumidifier that is raising the bar in this class.

It works in a hygrostat controlled automatic dehumidification and it is ideal for permanent use in unheated and uncontrolled rooms. Meanwhile, an air filter prevents the spread of bacteria and filters animal hair, lint and dust. For rooms up to 90 m² in size, the Trotec TTK 100 S is an outstanding performer and one that won’t leave you disappointed.

Standard features include an adjustable hygrostat for constant monitoring of relative humidity levels; a warning lamp alerting the user to a full water tank; spillover protection with auto-off mode; and an easy-to-clean air filter. Not only that, but its twin-condensed water discharge system allows you to use this unit non-stop in unsupervised rooms.

This unit is supplied with a Schuko plug and an UK adaptor.

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Removal Capacity 30 ltr/24hrs
Air Volume (m³/h) 200
Temperature Range +5 / +32°C
Humidity Range 40-100% RH
Input Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz
Power Input 0.53kW
Water Tank 4.3 ltr
Sound Level (dB(A)) 46
Dimensions (W x L x H) 390 x 290 x 612mm
Weight (kg) 15
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