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Product: Trotec TTK 29 E dehumidifier

The Trotec TTK 29 E is a compact dehumidifier that gives its all in small rooms up to 15m². Able to perform at up to 10 litres per day, it is the perfect choice if you need to keep a small, heated room dry. This unit boasts a mounted rotary switch, which lets you choose from seven different humidity levels. If you exceed the preset humidity, it will activate automatically and shut itself off again after the desired value is reached too.

LED lights near the rotary switch tells you about its current operation and its design makes it an easy unit to use and to move. You can manually adjust the discharge direction, while another feature of the Trotec TTK 29 E is its connection for an external condensate drain, which means you can use this dehumidifier on a permanent basis.

This unit is supplied with a UK plug.

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Removal Capacity 10 ltr/24hrs
Air Volume (m³/h) 110
Temperature Range +5 / +32°C
Humidity Range 20-80% RH
Input Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Power Input 0.25kW
Water Tank 2.3 ltr
Sound Level (dB(A)) 43
Dimensions (W x L x H) 365 x 220 x 490mm
Weight (kg) 11
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