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Server Room Cooling & Portable Air Conditioning

Are you struggling to keep your server room at the correct operating temperature? Do you need a reliable back up option? Call Cross Hire and we will arrange to send an expert engineer to assess your site. We can offer advice and an expert view on the most suitable portable cooling solution for you.

If a server room air conditioning system fails, Cross Hire knows how urgent it is to respond. Our team will respond quickly to stabilise the temperature and keep downtime to a minimum. In exceptional conditions, existing systems can struggle to maintain the best temperature. In these cases, we will provide extra cooling to work with those systems and help lessen the strain on the over-worked system.


Our in-depth knowledge of cooling data centres and server rooms means that we can deal with any emergency situation with speed and confidence. We can offer the best solution for the job – from portable air conditioners to complete chiller systems. Cross Hire has the expertise and product range – and it is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Computer equipment can generate heat and that means it must be located in a temperature-controlled setting. Overheating can lead to equipment damage or data loss, as well as fire in extreme cases. It’s vital, therefore, to make sure you keep the temperature down. If your system isn’t up to that job, it may be worth thinking about temporary hire – not least during the summer months.

A portable solution is ideal for dealing with server room hot spots. You can easily locate these units where they are needed. And, with our advance planning service, Cross Hire will put in place contingency in the event of a breakdown. This planning will help to cut the downtime to a minimum in the event of a system failure. We will also work with you to build the most effective support plan if the worst does happen.

Server Room Cooling Range

Explore our range of server room cooling options below – exhaust tube air conditioners, portable spot coolers, water-cooled split air conditioners and chiller units.

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