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Our new Trotec dehumidifier and air conditioner product range is now available

We are delighted to announce Trotec Dehumidifier and our seasonal Air Conditioning sales range. All our products form part of the Trotec Home Comfort series, delivering a healthy, feel-good climate in your home or workspace all year round.

It’s not only the right temperature that helps creates the ideal room climate, but optimum humidity levels too. With all our Trotec dehumidifiers and air conditioners, that’s just what you can achieve. 

Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier or Air Conditioner?

Find the Trotec dehumidifier that's right for your home/office in our new product sales rangeIn a heated living space , relative humidity levels should not exceed 60%. In bathrooms, it can rise to 70% or more. The optimum level for a healthy room climate is 50%. Higher values can result in the formation of mould, which can impact your health. This is because mould spores spread in room air, enter the airways and cause allergies in a worst case scenario.

Did you know that breathing can affect humidity levels too? As you breathe, you emit moisture into the room as you exhale. The more people who live in a house or work in a small space, the faster you can lose that feel-good climate.

You can feel the negative effect of this, for instance, in your bedroom. This is where you can often exceed that 60% threshold if you close your windows at night. It is here, however, that a restful room climate is especially important. Humid conditions can cause mites to form and reproduce.

Elsewhere, wet walls and similar issues after a renovation – or a wet basement – can lead to issues. You can eliminate such issues through the use of a dehumidifier, which makes it important to make sure you have a product that is up to the job. Our Trotec Dehumidifier and Air Conditioning can help stop this!

Why Choose A Trotec Dehumidifier or Air Conditioner?

Create the perfect indoor climate in your home with our Trotec air conditioner rangeNow, you can confront an unpleasant room climate with the stylish dehumidifiers from Trotec’s Home Comfort – available to buy through Cross Hire. If humidity is an issue, our new Trotec dehumidifier and air conditioner range can be put to use in both large or small rooms for the creation of a healthy atmosphere. Trotec is one of the world’s leading brands if you want to create a good indoor climate. Demand the highest levels of performance every single day.

Cross Hire Managing Director Chris McFadden said: “We’re delighted to add Trotec air conditioning units and dehumidifiers to our sales range. We have a strong track record in offering high-quality products, which have a long service life and are available at an affordable price.

“Trotec products are ideal for your office or home, as well as larger commercial models that we offer for rent. The build quality of these units is second-to-none. This is no mean feat in a market where cheap products don’t tend to stand the test of time!”

Our full range of low-cost, high-quality Trotec dehumidifiers and air conditioners is available to view on www.crosshire.ie. To get more details, please get in touch with our team on 1890 247 266.

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