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evaporative cooling benefits cross hire

Although it is now considered as a traditional cooling method, evaporative cooling is still in place across numerous industries. There are numerous benefits associated with the process, which consumers have no idea of. Here we will look at some of these benefits and ensure that readers get to know these benefits by the end of the article. However, before we get to the benefits, we will have a look at evaporative cooling itself and how it works.

Evaporative cooling basically describes a system that takes advantage of the water evaporating into the air. The system uses this to signal a reduction in the temperature. The process of evaporation removes latent heat from the surface where it takes place. This is basic physics, and has been employed across numerous industries so they can benefit from this complicated, but interesting method.

Now that all of us know the basic facts behind evaporative cooling, we will now understand the benefits of the system.


evaporative cooling You might have guessed by now that evaporative cooling is way more eco-friendly than any other cooling method. This method of cooling does not release any harmful particles to the air, and since the cooling is itself generated through water, the particles it gives off are safe for your health and the environment.

Minimal Operational Costs

evaporative cooling benefitsOne of the biggest concerns in the manufacturing field is limiting operational costs as much as possible. Manufacturers do their best to ensure that they are able to reduce costs to an extent, where it’s feasible. Evaporative cooling gives manufacturers an opportunity to reduce operational costs by installing it.

To begin with, evaporative cooling does not require an extensive initial capital. The installation cost is really low since there are no intense mechanisms involved in the system. Moreover, once the system is installed, you may witness a significant decrease in the costs incurred from electricity usage. Evaporative cooling, takes way less energy for cooling. Hence, it helps in decreasing energy bills. Since the unit is easy to maintain, it wouldn’t eat up extensive budgets every month. Maintenance is easy and would be performed without emptying the bank account.

With all these financial benefits, organizations would have a hard time not going for evaporative cooling at their manufacturing plant.

Fresher Air

evaporative cooling benefitsAnyone who works under an air-conditioner or chiller would agree that the air coming out of these systems isn’t fresh. You can feel that while working. However, with evaporative cooling, the air coming out of the system is extremely fresh and has an unprecedented radiance associated with it. The fungal or bacterial concentration is extremely low inside the air coming out from evaporative cooling.

Now that we have shared the benefits of evaporative cooling, you can rent the system easily from Cross Hire.
We provide evaporative coolers for different manufacturing environments, which help manufacturers save costs and get the best of both worlds. You can ask more questions about the rental process and the benefits of evaporative cooling by contacting us here.

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