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With heat levels rising in the summer, many warehouses tend to suffer from the wrath of the sun’s heat. Warehouses located in mezzanine floors and those that have had insulation for colder months are at the receiving end of this heat during summer months.

Creating a correct balance between the temperatures without spending a lot of money on climate control is something that every manufacturing plant wants to achieve, however, this is easier said than done. Manufacturers would have to step out of the realm of conventional air conditioning methods so they can think of solutions that can fulfil their cooling requirement, as well as save them from amplified costs.

The Eco-Friendly Option 

evaporative cooling cross hire

Evaporative cooling is one alternative to traditional air conditioning that not only offers balanced ventilation but also incurs just 10 percent of the costs associated with conventional air conditioning. Not just this, but most evaporative cooling units are available at a cost that is much less than that of a normal air conditioning unit for a warehouse.

Below are some of the salient features and benefits you can get from using an evaporative cooling system in your warehouse.

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Energy Efficiency

Evaporative cooling systems are way more energy-efficient than any refrigerant-based air conditioning unit. Not only is the air coming out of an evaporative cooling system fresher and better for you, but there is also the added advantage of the system consuming less energy. Air conditioning systems usually consume a lot of energy and give off congested air. Since air conditioning systems require you to close all doors and windows, you are exposed to health risks posed by congested air. You’re not required to close windows and doors when it comes to evaporative cooling, since it works in tandem with the fresh air outside to create a cool environment inside.

Cost Savings

Another really amazing benefit that manufacturers can get by incorporating an evaporative cooling system is that the costs of running such a system is way less than what they would pay for a conventional air conditioning system. Evaporating cooling systems can cool up the inside of a warehouse, and regulate the temperature to make for a feasible work environment. Cool temperatures inside a warehouse during summer months make working easier and ensure that every worker is able to work at their full potential. Maintenance costs for evaporative units are also less than they are for air conditioning units, since these units don’t have complicated features.

evaporative cooling cross hire

So, by getting evaporative cooling units installed inside your warehouse, you would not only be creating a brilliant work environment inside, but would be doing so without sustaining any exuberant costs. The cost savings made through the evaporative system can help you increase your efficiency down the line.

If you want to ask more questions about the feasibility of evaporative cooling systems in your warehouse, you can get in touch with us here.

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