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electric boiler

If you think that electric boilers may not be the right option for your specific commercial application and that they cost too much in the long run, you’re wrong. In fact, electric boilers are gaining a lot of popularity for a range of business applications due to their efficiency and energy-saving capabilities.

Considering the rising energy prices, gas boilers are not necessarily the best investments. An efficient boiler lasts for around 15 years, so if you are replacing the broken down boiler or purchasing a new unit, it is important to choose the right option. No business would want to invest in a boiler and then regret the decision for the next decade or so.

Electric Boilers Overview

Electric boilers are highly efficient and don’t need a constant supply of gas to operate. This makes them the ideal choice for houses or buildings that have low or no access to gas. At Cross Hire, we offer a 22kW electric boiler that works as the best rental boiler for your low output applications.

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Energy Efficiency

The reason why businesses are now opting for electric boilers is that they are more energy efficient than gas boilers. They are also considered environmentally friendly as they don’t need the burning of fuel like oil or gas to produce heat.

Central Heating and Compact Size

As we know electric boilers require no gas supply, they are an excellent method to offer hot water and central heating. When it comes to sizing and installation, these boilers are a lot more compact in size than their gas counterparts. Electric boilers offer greater flexibility in terms of boiler positioning.

electric Boiler

Low Installation Cost

Electrical boilers are the perfect choice to avoid heavy installation cost. Unlike gas boilers, electric boilers don’t require a separate chimney or flue for waste emissions. This low installation cost along with the higher efficiency.

Also, with the 22kW electric boiler, you don’t need to wait for a permanent equipment room installation before you start using the heating system.

Electric boilers are quiet. This makes them the best choice for colleges, exhibition, hospitals, marquees, events or schools as these boilers don’t make any noise.


Since electric boilers don’t include as many moving parts, they require far less maintenance. Generally, an electric boiler only requires annual inspections. Electric boilers are certainly the durable piece of equipment to meet your business’s specific heating requirements.

How Cross Hire Can Help

We offer a huge range of boilers. They include both electrical and gas boilers to meet your individual business needs. Our fleet includes boiler units within a container or even fully-mobile boilers. With our extensive range of boilers, we cater both of your hot water and heating need.

To take our experts opinion and to get the best boiler unit for your business, check out our complete range here.

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