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heating warehouse

Identifying and installing the right heating and installation systems in a warehouse can be challenging due to the sheer number of variables involved. But, when you choose us you get to leverage years of experience in designing heating and cooling systems that keep your needs at the forefront and never skimp on performance.

Having said that, for most business owners, why is choosing the right heating system for their warehouse so difficult?

The challenges are mostly associated with the nature of the building and the complete layout of different storage facilities within it. Also, it is now the facility manager’s job to look for adequate solutions to keep their warehouse workers comfortable during the cold season.

If a warehouse is not equipped with the required heating system, the workers operating at the warehouse are more likely to be less productive and complacent. To help you figure out the right portable heating solution, we’ve compiled a list of the some of the most effective options below.

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At Cross Hire, we believe in providing a heating solution which meets your exact requirement. Taking advantage of our team’s industry experience, we work with businesses and help them find the most suitable heating solutions as well as the right types of fuel.

Two of the most recommended options to meet your heating requirements include;

  1. Direct-fired heaters
  2. Indirect-fired heaters

Direct-Fired Heaters

Our portable gas and oil direct-fired heater is best to be used in factories, loading ways, garages and majorly warehouses. This portable heating solution is designed to meet the heating requirements of larger and well-ventilated spaces.


They are not suitable for spaces or buildings with limited or no ventilation. They are easy to set up and can be installed immediately by our skilled and experienced installation technicians. These heating systems are also popular due to their low installation and maintenance costs.

Choose between diesel and gas fuelled options and enjoys an ultimate heating solution. This way you can improve the productivity of your employees by giving them a comfortable working environment while keeping your warehouse warm.

Indirect-Fire Heaters

Indirect-fire heaters are another potential heating solution for larger spaces like warehouses. A portable indirect-fired heater is ideal for building sites, garages, factories, manufacturing houses and especially warehouses.

If your warehouse does not have sufficient ventilation, you don’t need to worry when installing indirect-fired heaters. With easy regulation and gas-tight combustion chamber, these heaters work perfectly in spaces with limited ventilation. Whether you go for oil or gas fuel, you get a large amount of safe and clean hot air that you can also duct into particular areas.

indirect heater

It is an ideal choice for short-term heating of many large spaces. In addition to taking care of your complete heating solution, we also offer a range of accessories including thermostats, extension power cables, ducting and terminal plugs.

Achieving maximum warm air involves both choosing the right heating system and keeping it up-to-date to avoid heat loss.

More detailed information about our portable heaters hire range is available on our website. You can also contact on 1890 247 266 to get experts opinion.

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